Monday, 3 November 2008

Business Lottery

Apparently, according to a study in Belgium (of other Belgian's, sorry), claims that 1 in 9 full-time employees work at organisations where they share first letters of their names. La Lobster guesses she'd fit in right nicely with some of those international organisations representing the country. Not in Blighty though. La Lobster, who is not Belgian, has worked for a number of organisations and not one shares a first letter with any of the combinations of her names. Must be baloney then? Except, perhaps it works in different ways. La Lobster's current hidey-hole has a post code of relevance. La Lobster's mothers initials clearly influenced her desire to marry a man of his make. La Lobster's father, indeed, must have been influenced by the parental address of the woman he was to marry. So maybe not so much baloney then?

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