Friday, 24 October 2008

Work stress study

I'm pleased to see that the University of Nottingham has begun a research project to look at the organisational aspects of work related stress. Dr Maria Karanika-Murray, a Research Fellow in Occupational Health Psychology, has received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to spend the next two and a half years researching the impact of organisational level factors on employee health and well-being. Good luck to her, I say.

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RSK said...

We've done some research on stress, correlating the results of an organisational behaviour diagnostic questionnaire and a physical stress monitor and find that about 17% of the management population experience stress at levels that research shows leads to physical debilitation if sustained. I welcome the Nottingham research. Stress is a real issue and we need more means of alerting people to what they are going through and helpiing them deal with the problem.

Prof. R. Stuart-Kotze
Behavioural Science Systems