Thursday, 23 October 2008

Toxic toilets

Years ago there was a spate of reporting on 'sick building syndrome' where construction/architecture fads were clearly creating problems for people using buildings. I don't think the problem has gone away. In fact, it may even be worse. I certainly can't abide certain buildings. Lighting is often a problem for me, alongside hermetically sealed windows. Something that has always caused a problem for me is the smell of artificial fragrances. Am I alone in having to ask a fellow colleague to wash off some of their over applied after shave? Some days I can hardly keep hold of my stomach contents because of the smell some people give off...smells they have actively sploshed all over to make themselves feel attractive. It seems however, that the effect I'm experiencing is one other people note with regard to room fragrancers and such like. Apparently, some pretty noxious chemicals are released (volatile organic compounds) and these don't have to be listed on the product packaging. We may have banned smokers from the building, isn't it about time we stopped actively poisoning people in the lavs?


Blue Witch said...

I too have multiple sensitivities to chemical compounds, and lights etc etc.

My GP told me a few years back that more headaches are caused by artificial room fresheners than by anything else.

I can't go in people's houses if they use them, and people know not to wear perfume or aftershave around me.

Anything but unscented deodorants sets me off too.

smplcv said...

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chandra said...

I happy that at-least you have given attention to this problem! Hope you share this with every citizen of world..i have already shared with face book!

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salesroles said...

for use in the home use natural candles, regarding people over doing it on the smellies, a quit word should be suffice!