Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Having worked for a very large organisation, I know only too well how one can become 'institutionalised'. It's odd, but, no matter how different the leadership, the organisation tends to develop it's own peculiar way of operating. No doubt this is all down to individuals 'protecting' their own interests. The collective effect of this individual action can be quite marked and is often impenetrable. Oddly, I'd had the same feeling about the art of Francis Bacon. A recent visit to the Tate Britain exhibition however brought insight. Ah-ha methought. Now I know. It's not complicated at all. The detail from the picture that the Tate uses on its room guide is very telling...just hold your hand in the same pose. Now do you see it?
Now, to go off another tangent, what's it like inside the impenetrable walls of a big consulting firm? See what the inmates have to say.

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