Thursday, 7 August 2008

Tom, Dick or Harry

Swimming through the shoals of blog, La Lobster noted that the well respected blogger Tom Reynolds of Random Acts of Reality and Blood Sweat and Tea fame, 'celebrated' the fifth year of his blog last month. Well done to him. He does love blogging and readily admits it has opened up many opportunities for him. Nevertheless, his 'day-job' so to speak, is beginning to affect his health and is not exactly well paid. On the face of it, there's not much scope for an ambulance driving wordsmith to hope for in a 'career'. What's the man to do? Here's what he said himself:

I can feel my health slipping away due to shift work, and while I still enjoy the job to some extent, it's not stretching my mind at all. I get paid (before tax) £25,000 a year to wreck my body with shift-work, surround myself with the violent and the sick and then get threatened with disciplinary procedures for being ill too much. I watch how the job is changing and I hate the changes being made in order to please our government masters.
I look at all the things being done wrong and have no power to change them, nor will I ever have that power.
So, from today, I am officially looking for another job. I'll do (pretty much) any work for £25,000 or more. I'll work in an office, I'll wear a suit, I'll sit at a computer all day - I don't really mind. Obviously my ideal job would be something where I can be evangelical about something I love - journalism, podcasting, teaching people to use the internet, doing online PR, helping a company with it's social media strategy. Something like that would be perfect. I don't think that I want to stay in the NHS, not patient-side at least*.
Time to start looking forward rather than at the walls of this rut I've made.

Someone give the man a job, let him show what he's capable of.....

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