Friday, 8 August 2008

Skills mapping

The resume or curriculum vitae has inveigled its way into recruitment business practice with increasing determination over the past few decades. Extensive catalogues of books written on the topic of 'constructing' the ideal CV are ever in circulation. Of course, the intention is always to ensure that people 'sell' themselves in the most effective way possible without resorting to too much 'imagination' - AKA lies. Businesses obviously want to be able to see immediately what a person's skills are before they check whether their 'face' fits and that they are known by the right people, (i.e. referees). But how does a work 'newby' or 'returnee' decide what skills are important, or indeed if what they can do has any market value? Well, things have moved on in the world and a template can be used to create a Europass (CV designed to showcase your skills for jobs anywhere in the Eurozone). If you need to step even further back, how about looking at the advice and skills mapping template produced by Keele University to help its students record, evaluate, action, learn, sell and empower themselves in the world of work.

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