Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Powerful business women

In Fortune's list of 50 top business women La Lobster notes that very few allow their publicity photo's to depict them without the seemingly obligatory 'air-hostess' look. With the exception of Diane Greene of VM Wave, whose mug-shot gives her a distinctly homely Bill Gates look and the lightly made up Melanie Healey, Zoe Cruz and Joanne Maguire, all seem to don the heavy theatre slap that should have gone out with the ark. What's with the heaving strings of pearls too? La Lobster makes a point of watching podcasts of business leaders pontificating on various matters of tittle tattle thought to be of interest to us minions AKA minnows. Very few male business leaders appear to put the light on when they dress let alone check their mirrors. So why do women persist in slapping on the grease paint? Who are they doing it for and why? It's a bit like inviting a clown to sit in the boardroom, or, in this E-Trade advert hiring a clown and discovering how creepy it is!

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