Monday, 15 August 2011


La Lobster was out and about over the weekend visiting a place of interest maintained through a membership organisation. (Trying not to name names here!)It was nice and sunny. Lots of people swarming about and the queue at the ice cream kiosk very long. La Lobster kept circling about wondering if it was worth baking in the sun for half an hour just to get one. In passing one of the buildings she spotted a sign saying; 'Library Open - please come inside." Or words to that effect. Curiosity getting the better of her, La Lobster went inside and was greeted by a volunteer 'librarian' (actually just some woman who helped out at the place every now and then) who tried to help 'know-it-all' La Lobster find stuff on the shelves. La lobster didn't want to upset the poor lady so pretended to be a general ignoramus. Having found a really interesting tome on her own she sat down at one of the work desks. Minutes later, other people came in and did more or less the same thing. Try-to-help-lady greeted everyone as she did La Lobster. But then, two couples came in. Try-to-help-lady was flummoxed - perhaps she'd never seen so many visitors? She let them in without approaching them - only for the one couple to make a beeline to La Lobster and to disturb her from her reading. A pincer was raised and brandished in the direction of the Try-to-help-lady. Not a word was spoke - there was a danger of Conan the Librarian making an appearance! They had a lucky escape!

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