Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Funny things happen when you resurface after a dose of illness - aided and abetted by the post-viral temper tantrum, (moderated of course, as I'm a well behaved, delicate speaking Lobster after all). La Lobster has not been in any mood to tolerate bullying, greediness, and aggressive selfishness just lately. Trouble is, the noddle hasn't been performing at 100%, with memory lapses for stuff I ought to know like the back of my claw. Gee, just noticed that - the landscape is changing, where did that SPOT come from! Hence recent resort to ye olde internet for a few hints to recover memory. Anyway, to stop rambling and reach my point; yesterday, I cracked. I refused to back down when faced with a female 'mansplainer' - a far worse breed than the male type. Oooooooh, the henpecked men in the group suddenly showed me some respect! Was that all it needed? Don't know what mansplaining is? Check out the link here.

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