Tuesday, 1 December 2009

You're being trained

Now, here's something I know from experience. Animals are far more intelligent than you think they are. The vid below seems to be popular because the kitty is doing something cute, (that's 'silly' in modern speak - but you forget at your peril that 'cute' always used to mean 'clever - in a very special way!')
One of my animal acquisitions selected me by doing a version of what this kitty is doing. She knows perfectly well how to get me running after her now by lying on her back waving her feet at me. Yeah, you say, so what? Well, I'm like Pavlov's dog - I always fall for it - going to play with her for her to get up and run off in the direction of 1. food bowl, 2. locked door, or 3. alien creature on her turf outside. Now who's the daft one?

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