Wednesday, 7 October 2009

If a job's worth doing....

I am a rare beast. For over two decades I've been railing against the use of spurious 'performance indicators' to drive business improvement. Bland besuited oik sitting in HQ Towers can't know anything about providing service, not unless they've cut their teeth at the rough edge for long enough to have developed the 'feel' for 'consequences'. Now what's the chance of that? Those 'old' folks have been sidelined and removed because they're 'difficult to manage'. Yes, 'difficult to manage', not conscious of consequences. Well, I'm going to keep on going on about this issue until I go up in smoke. Good management is far more effective than 'targets,' 'indicator accomplished pay schemes etc etc. It seems the well trained staff at France Telecom have taken it upon themselves to deliver the message in the most powerful way possible.

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