Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Art and the printed word evolve

The 21st century's first decade is nearly over, shouldn't there be signs of new life in the art world?

I've thought for some time now that we must be close to a new revolution. I'm heartily bored of retro this and that. I want something new.

Well I've found something. OK it's not totally new but, I regard it as a very inventive innovation in art. Mapping emotion. The best thing is, it uses graphics and words to visualise the world of emotion in a very novel way. Well done Mr Christian Nold, I like what you're doing. I believe there's huge potential in your line of thinking. I'm not sure what 'title' I'd give to describe you yet but I'm confident something will pop up sooner or later.

I'd like to see whether emotion maps could be used effectively in the workplace...now that would be a great adjunct to ergonomics, health and safety etc etc.

Here's the man himself talking about his work:

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