Wednesday, 4 February 2009

What a racket!

Have you ever found yourself in the vicinity of a hen party without being part of it? Did you notice anything? Well, La Lobster is always amused by the noise emanating from large groups of women (regardless of age). They really do sound like hens. Thinking about it, men also sound like rutting stags when they're out and about too but then you can discern the odd word (curse) or two which rather breaks the simile.
Now, it seems, the amount of noise created on the Net has been used to create a league table of British universities. Here, the Oxbridge vice-like grip on supremacy is kicked away by the newcomer upstarts. Topping the blogged about league, Sheffield Hallam; the news league, Leeds Metro; and the reviewed league, Southampton Solent. So, when you hear the noise you assume it's a university of merit then?

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