Friday, 5 December 2008


The other week La Lobster was spotted lurking in the aisles of a newly opened discount superstore. Never having been in one of them before, she'd been curious and gone inside to have a look. Oh dear! A lobster trap. How to get out? Fortunately, La Lobster managed to scuttle out without injury but not before spotting a few cousins in the deep freeze. Poor dears, frozen whole and being sold for a paltry £5.99. It set La Lobster thinking, (always dangerous). However, the outcome this time was the discovery of a curious lobster catching 'membership' scheme run by Brendan Ready of Ready Seafoods, Maine, New England USA. In this scheme, subscribers get their own 'lobster man', a specified lobster trap, all the lobsters caught in that trap for a year plus video updates (yup, afraid so, right there in the trap itself). No doubt it's Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall friendly, but, a bit too close up and personal for me. Now, despite the fact that I sold my pet rabbits for the pot, I don't think I could eat rabbit, or pigeon come to that, if someone was posting me monthly updates of their progress from their nests.
Now, the thing you've been curious about all the to cook and prepare fresh lobster, although others are suggesting the lobsters have other ideas!


Blue Witch said...

You sold your pet rabbits for the pot? Please tell me you are joking...


Ooops, did I say that out loud? ;)

Stone Caster said...

Actually, only one was knowingly sold for that purpose. The blighter was a fecund beast who I suspect is related to half of all pet rabbits in England (we supplied all the pet shops for miles around with baby rabbits for years because of him). I guess I could have had him neutered but he was a very unfriendly animal - a pet bully even. He had a Jack Shepherd approach to enclosure too which was a big problem. (Neighbours vegetable gardens etc etc). I wasn't sorry when he went. (We still had about 30 odd other rabbits at the time)