Thursday, 30 October 2008

Middle-men the end is nigh

Yes, folks, not only is the end in sight for conventional retailers, look out you wholesalers and super-hyper marketeers. Booksellers have already felt the invasive tendrils of the all consuming Internet fungus. Publishers too. Now it's the turn of sellers of your everyday bits and bobs. That huge corporation and household name, Proctor and Gamble has seriously upset the advertising fraternity by taking it upon itself to set up a direct sale web presence. Only available in the US at present, La Lobster notices that the UK web address has been reserved. One assumes it is only a matter of time before you too can purchase your kitchen cupboard and bathroom essentials etc. etc. direct from the manufacturer's Internet outlet. I bet the prices won't come down much for the consumers though. Some advertisers and media people won't be so happy that they'll lose the 'easy pickings' they've been wallowing in all these years. Time for change peeps. A revolution is a coming.

27th November update: it seems P&G have taken a stake in home delivery store Ocado. Say no more!

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