Thursday, 25 September 2008

Employee engagement

On Tuesday, (23rd September), the Government announced it was going to do a review of employee engagement. Apparently, someone has calculated that only 12% of employees are 'engaged' with their work/employer's outcomes. Call me an old cynic. This old cynic spots a job creation scheme. But hey-ho, its hard times for job seekers these days. The absence of real work - even for the employed - might have something to do with this lack of 'engagement' thingy. But then, I'm not a highly paid consultant, so why should anyone pay any attention to me? Another, seemingly unconnected, piece of news released on the same day may help to explain another phenomenon I've been moaning about to anyone who'll listen. 50% of Lambeth's contracted out parking wardens, who were recently transferred to NCP, have gone AWOL. Just after being informed that immigration checks were to be carried out. Ho ho ho. Now, I bet 50% of the parking wardens were definitely not 'engaged' - possibly in both senses of that word. Old cynic me.

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