Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Earlier in the month, the TUC produced a report claiming that 3.5 million of the UK's work force was subjected to bullying. I'm never sure what these sorts of surveys are supposed to be for. They're a bit like accountants standing at the side of a lake counting the number of people drowning after their boat sinks. Look how many bodies we've counted..tra la ....that sort of thing. What would be more interesting is a study of who perpetrates the bullying and what forms the bullying takes. After all, in an earlier report, the TUC noted that the same 'employers' are often behind employment abuses reported to lawyers and the Citizen's Advice Bureau. Perhaps HR people should be more forceful in ensuring that potential bully's are never employed in the first place. If 1% of the population has psychopathic tendencies, then that's a quarter of a million employees in the UK. That's more than enough to cause problems to the 3.5 million who admit to being bullied.

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