Thursday, 31 July 2008

Anti-age discrimination CV's

A recent response to an article in the Guardian (10th July) about employment prospects for older workers elicited the following response and a further comment as below:

"I doubt even changes to the law will do anything to stop cv's being thrown in the bin unread except for the birthdate or qualifications date."

"So don't supply your birthdate. Give your education by the age when you did it, not the year

eg 11-16 St. Bloggs Comprehensive School

16-18 Anytown FE college A'levels in media studies & woodwork

18- 21 Somewhere else university , 2.1 in Architecture.

and adjust your experience to suit. Only the last 10 years is relevant, mostly.

And if they ask, ask them if they think they want to be in breach of Age discrimination legislation."

Well, that's an interesting approach.....try it for yourself if you think ageism is affecting your job search success. If you haven't done a CV in ages and need a prompt or two, check out the templates on offer here.

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