Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Trading Standards

A repeat of a BBC TV show entitled Grumpy Old Women, screened again last night, just goes to show what happens when you reach a certain age. What happens to one's general attitude and demeanour I mean, not physically. Not many are destined to improve with age and a TV makeover like MP Ann Widdecombe after all. (Certain of us can remember when she was minister for prisons and accused her boss, Michael Howard, of having something of the 'night' about him. So that's a scary black puddin-basin wearing Weald MP calling a ...... you finish that, I don't need to.)

The trouble with these programmes is that they, and their participants, remain ageless whilst the rest of us catch up. Watching this, not for the first time, La Lobster is beginning to nod in support at the confessions of bad behaviour resorted to. Why is it necessary?

One reason is possibly because we all receive bad service in shops at some time. Ignorance of the law, by traders, shop assistants and the people purchasing things seems to be a key feature. See if you can answer this little trading standards quiz.

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